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Contract Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions apply to all sites hosted by ZinCorp unless special arrangements are otherwise documented. In the case of any dispute, this document or a later version (at the option of ZinCorp) is to be considered the final word. All fees are in standard United States dollars.
  1. ZinCorp charges a non-refundable $30 initial setup fee for the creation of a new site. This includes the case of changing an existing site over to ZinCorp control, as well as a change in domain name from one existing ZinCorp site to another ZinCorp site. This fee is to cover the administrative overhead in system setup.
  2. The basic monthly hosting fee is $35 a month. This does not include extra cost maintenance but is rather the cost for hosting the web site and the server space of that site.
  3. All work performed (whether on a new site or an existing site) shall be charged at the base rate of $35 per hour. Work task sessions which last less than 15 minutes are free. Work above fifteen minutes will be rounded up to the nearest 15 minute interval, with a one hour minimum charge per task session. A task session is a block of time which handles completing a designated task or set of tasks.
  4. The customer retains ownership of all graphics and text created explicitly for the customer's site as well as all content provided by the customer. Images which begin as ZinCorp property (such as ZinCorp logos and promotional text) remain ZinCorp property.
  5. This contract requires 30 day notice on the part of either party to be terminated.
  6. ZinCorp is not liable for lost income or any other damages resulting from incorrect or unavailable web hosting or site design. The customer agrees to accept that web advertising is not necessarily a guarantee of success, as well as that sometimes services are unavailable which are partially or completely outside of the control of ZinCorp.

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