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North Coast Nautilus Pinky's Personal Gestures
This Ohio business owner joined the ZinCorp family because he wanted more than his original 1-page site. He now has a multi-page site which advertises his fitness center and showcases the races he sponsors. This on-line chatter wanted help in designing a site that could display all the "gestures" she created for a chat program called Excite Talk. She now has 5 web pages to show off her creativity.
Software Answers, Inc. Pony Car Paddock
When this computer training and consulting company revamped their site, ZinCorp Designs provided design assistance. Ms GT Luvr wanted a web site to express her love of the Ford Mustang, so ZinCorp helped her design the "Paddock".
  Elyria Catholic Panthers
  The Panthers, a local high school hockey team, wanted a web site, so ZinCorp donated space on its server to host the site.
Etc. Patrick Roy Tribute Page
For samples of ZinCorp newspaper and brochure advertising work, please contact us. The son of ZinCorp's founder asked for a web site to pay homage to ice hockey's Patrick Roy. Needless to say, he got his wish.
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